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lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2015

Early limited invitation to the simplest video editing app

Hi there!

This is Kaz Naya, CEO of the simplest video editing app. I'm sending you this exclusive invitation after seeing your beautiful pictures on Flickr!

Our mission is to build a platform to gather the world's most stunning videos from all across the world. Our public release is planned for the end of September. Starting this month, we are sending early exclusive invitations to specially selected Flickr users.

We have taken great care in ensuring a certain level of quality for our initial exclusive invitations, limiting them to only a carefully hand-picked group of users. Why? We believe that it is the earliest users that develop a community and determine the quality of a product. We would be happy for you to join other creators of gorgeous videos and help foster our initial community!

VIBBIDI is the perfect app for posting videos to social media such as Facebook and Instagram! You can easily edit spectacular videos like the ones below! Many top influencers from 100 countries around the world have already joined, and we have no doubt that their gorgeous VIBBIDI videos will inspire you in countless ways as well!

Download the app from here to begin your trial! The app is and will be free, even after the official launch in late September!

If you have any feedback about the app, feel free to contact us! We hope to create the world's most beautiful video platform together with you!

Happy editing,

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